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Special Voices is a bespoke, private legal practice specialising in helping the parents and siblings of children and adults with autism or intellectual disability solve their problems with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and substitute decision-making systems.

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Angela Cox Disability Lawyer and Special Needs Advocate - Special Voices Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane

Meet Angela, a disability lawyer dedicated to supporting families of people with intellectual disability

My name is Angela and I am a Melbourne-based disability lawyer. I specialise in solving the unique legal and bureaucratic challenges faced by parents and siblings of people with intellectual disability throughout their lifetime.

Growing up with a brother with Down syndrome, and being active in his care as adults, I understand first-hand the stress, frustration, isolation and exhaustion that families suffer as they continually navigate complex and ever-changing laws and systems to get the supports they need to live a decent life.

My passion to help families in the same boat as my own family, motivated me to become a disability lawyer and establish my legal practice, Special Voices, that is solely focused on meeting their special legal needs.

Areas of practice

My areas of practice as a disability lawyer reflect the key areas of need of parents and siblings of children and adults with intellectual disability throughout their lifetime.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

National Disability Insurance Scheme

I can help your family at every step of its NDIS journey, to minimise your stress and fatigue, and to achieve fair, optimal outcomes for your loved one.
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Substitute Decision-making

Substitute Decision-making

Do you need to make decisions about your child’s or sibling’s life because they lack the mental capacity to make their own decisions? I can help you work out the best options and arrangements.
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Why Choose Special Voices

Easy-to-understand, plain English legal advice

Reasonable fees disclosed up-front

100% independent - I have your back

Empathy for families from lived experience

25 years' experience in disability law

Certified by the Victorian Legal Services Board

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