Disability Support Pension and Carer Payments

Special Voices can assist families of people with intellectual disability with their Disability Support Pension (DSP) or Carer Payments issues.

What is a Disability Support Pension (DSP)?

The Disability Support Pension (DSP) is a fortnightly Centrelink payment for people who – due to a permanent physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability – are unable to work.

The eligibility rules for the DSP are complex. That is, to be eligible for the DSP, you must meet a range of medical (evidence of disability) and non-medical (age, residency, income and assets) criteria.

The DSP is a form of income support for people with permanent disability.

Persons in receipt of the DSP, may also be eligible for other types of Centrelink payments, such as the Mobility Allowance and Rent Assistance, to help them meet the expenses of everyday living.

Dealing with Centrelink can be a nightmare. I can help you get the income support that your family is legally entitled to.